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Storm Damage

Cambridge Landscaping offer a comprehensive Tree Surgery & Tree Removal Service.
Over the winter months, we face ever more severe storms that wreak havoc right across the country. Big storms and strong winds are responsible for the majority of damage to homes and gardens up and down the UK every year. Huge problems can be caused as trees are weakened and large branches fall to smash through fences or roofs.

A storm damaged or weakened tree may not be immediately obvious, but can present a serious danger to people, vehicles and nearby properties. Without proper (pre or post-storm) Tree Surgeon care or maintenance, you run the risk of a weakened tree or branch causing real damage.

Once a storm has passed, removing a fallen tree or large branch can seem like a daunting task – this is especially true for home owners with few tools or the required manpower.

Expert Tree Surgery

Cambridge Landscaping has a team of expert tree surgeons, with a wealth of tree removal knowledge, the right tools to cut fallen trees into small, manageable sections, and a fleet of suitable vehicles to remove the trees or branches once they are cut.

On arrival, Cambridge Landscaping Tree Surgeons will not only quickly assess the risks and hazards that the damage may have caused, but will implement solutions that will prevent further damage from being caused in the future.

If your fence, property or vehicle has been affected by recent storms, call Cambridge Landscaping today and speak to one of our friendly team to discuss the quick and efficient removal of any fallen branch or tree. We are always on hand to come out to you quickly or to simply offer advice over the phone.

Cambridge Landscaping offer a huge range of Tree Surgery services, including:

  • Storm Damage & Fallen Tree Removal
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Tree Felling & Reductions
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Woodland Management
  • Highway Clearance


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