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With increasing numbers of Cambridge roads becoming residents’ parking or Pay & Display, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal off-street parking space? With your own accessible driveway, not only are you guaranteed somewhere to park every day, but your car insurance premium will be reduced.

If you have decided to transform your front garden into a driveway, a dropped kerb is a legal requirement. Dropped kerbs prevent damage to vehicles’ suspension and steering and also
identify the use of vehicle access to pedestrians.

The Service We Offer

Cambridge Landscaping offers a comprehensive dropped kerb service. We have a team of experienced paving and roadways experts who specialise in the installation of dropped kerbs and off-road parking in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.
Planning permission is often needed for a dropped kerb. Our customers usually obtain planning permission from their local council before they contact us for installation. However, we have an excellent relationship with both Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council and are happy to relieve our customers of the stresses associated with the dropped kerb planning permission process by contacting the relevant councils and Highways Agency and applying on your behalf. (This will incur a small, one-off administration fee).
Cambridge Landscaping holds all the relevant Street Accreditation Certificates and has Public Liability Insurance up to £5,000,000.

Obtaining a Dropped Kerb

Cambridge Landscaping begins the dropped kerb process by visiting the site and carrying out a survey to establish whether you qualify to have the kerb outside your property lowered

We then provide a full site report of underlying utilities, the creation of Highways documents and submit the necessary drawings for the dropped kerb installation

Providing relevant planning permission and other criteria have been met, work on your dropped kerb can usually start within four weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Entitled to a Dropped Kerb?
Under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980, any person may make a request to the Council as the Highway Authority for constructing a vehicle access way over a footway or verge in the highway.

How Do I Apply For Planning Permission?
You’ll need to request an application form from your local Council. If needed, Cambridge Landscaping can apply and fill out the form on your behalf, as well as submitting any necessary drawings. We recommend that you book an initial site visit with us before applying, so one of our experienced Surveyors can advise you on the best course of action.

What Happens to Unauthorised Dropped Kerbs?
Councils have the power to take action to prevent the use of unauthorised dropped kerbs. Councils can also charge you for putting the pavement back to its former use.

How Much Do Dropped Kerbs Cost?
Dropped kerbs vary in price according to a number of factors, including size, the number of kerbs to be dropped and pavement width. Arrange a free, no-obligation site visit with us today and we can provide a detailed quote.

How Long Will The Council’s Application Process Take?
On receipt of your completed application form and fee, subject to no planning conditions or other restrictions, your application will take approximately 6-8 weeks to process. If planning permission has already been granted, work can usually commence on your dropped kerb within 3-4 weeks.

If I Already Have a Dropped Kerb For Vehicle Access, Can I Apply For a Second One?
Yes, you can apply for a second dropped kerb. However, planning permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances where it can clearly be demonstrated that the provision would be beneficial to highway safety and that an appropriate separation (absolute minimum of 15m) can be achieved.

Cambridge Landscaping Can Create Your New Driveway

As well as Cambridge Landscaping’s comprehensive dropped kerb service, we also provide driveway paving.
Cambridge Landscaping has a team of expert driveway installers who can complete your entire driveway and dropped kerb project, from start to finish. Cambridge Landscaping specialises in a huge range of driveway paving solutions, including contemporary block paving, resin bound gravel, Tarmac, and concrete.

Call Cambridge Landscaping on 01223 78 21 92 to discuss your dropped kerb or driveway requirements and book a free, no-obligation site visit with one of our friendly team.

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