Resin Bound Gravel Cambridge

Resin Bound Gravel

Resin Bound Gravel is one of the most popular paving options to emerge from the hard landscaping industry in recent years and is fast becoming one of the most low-maintenance, affordable, durable and stylish alternatives to traditional surfacing options, such as block paving, concrete, slabs, or loose gravel. However, unlike all these traditional paving options, Resin Bound Gravel is completely water-permeable and requires very little maintenance.

Whether you want a simple, classic resin driveway or you want to make a statement with various colours or even an embedded design or logo, Cambridge Landscaping’s huge range of colours and textures means there is a Resin Bound Gravel to suit every style and budget.

Cambridge Landscaping’s Resin Bound Gravel can be laid quickly and efficiently over existing asphalt or concrete. We can also lay Resin Bound Gravel over a fully permeable reinforced base, creating an extremely environmentally-friendly option.

  • Quick Installation – Resin Bound Gravel can be laid in one-to-two days and is ready to be driven on within hours of completion
  • No Planning Permission Required – Our Resin Bound Gravel is SuDs compliant, so you can create an entirely new driveway, path or patio with no planning permission whatsoever
  • Smooth & Accessible – Our Resin Bound Gravel surfaces are smooth and slip-resistant and therefore ideal for wheelchair access, as well as for pushchairs and bicycles
  • Low-Maintenance –  Absolutely no loose stones or gravel to keep sweeping up or removing from the house and car
  • Minimal Disruption – No excavation is required as there is no disruption to utilities, pipes, drains or manholes
  • Durable & UV-stable – Our Resin Bound Gravel will not fade or crack in the sunlight and will stay looking good for many years
  • Environmentally Friendly – Resin Bound Gravel is completely porous and allows rainwater to pass straight through it to the ground underneath. No water is left standing on the surface, removing any slip or skid hazards


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