Landscaping in Cherry Hinton

This client in Cherry Hinton had a good sized garden, but the large sloped lawn was becoming unmanageable with regular mowing and maintenance. The slope towards the house was also causing drainage problems near the back door. We are the most trusted Cambridge landscaping company and arrived at the client’s house promptly for a free, no-obligation site visit and garden design consultation. Once the work was agreed with the client and the plans drawn up, Cambridge Landscaping began by excavating a large section of the garden outside the back of the house and pushed the earth back towards the rear of the garden to create a second level. We built a blockwork retaining wall and rendered it before levelling the earth flat in the upper tier. This was then topped with high-quality topsoil. We put down a compacted layer of Type 1 MOT hardcore followed by a layer of sharp sand and laid contemporary, grey, 50mm thick ‘Cloisters’ paving slabs onto a bed of mortar to create a patio that met the retaining wall. ACO drains were installed along the house’s outside wall to deal with the water runoff and a pebble bed was laid around the perimeter of the patio. The retaining wall was painted a light grey and topped with more of the narrow ‘Cloisters’ slabs. Finally, high-quality turf was laid on the topsoil to create a lawn on the top tier of the garden. A single step was installed into the retaining wall near the shed.

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