Cambridge Landscaping understands that, just as there are an innumerable variety of properties with their own aesthetic and practical requirements, there are, similarly, a multitude of different kinds of paving and hard surface systems out there to compliment each kind of property. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or classical, something bold or understated – we can definitely find the ideal solution for your property.

Block paving is one of our favourite applications as, being an elemental (constituting many parts) it permits us to combine different paving bricks and / or slabs to impressive effect. This paving is quite easy to botch, so beware of cowboy contractors who offer seemingly cheap work: they will often simply lay the paving into sand which will look great for a few months but will disintegrate quite rapidly… We use the most durable systems and seal the paving once its laid..

Resin Bound Gravel is another one of our preferred systems as although it certainly looks very different from block paving, it is nonetheless an extremely durable system, also offering a high degree of creative scope as aggregates of various colours can be blended and patterns / motifs inlaid into the surface.

Cambridge Landscaping also offers the basic hard surfacing services like concreting and tarmacking, whatever you need, we will deliver to the highest standards.

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Cambridge Landscaping have rebuilt our driveway and redesigned our garden, we are really satisfied with the all process.

Marie Brooks



Our old back-garden needed a redesign, we contacted Cambridge Landscaping and they redesign it from scratch, creating a very modern and stylish design.

James Brooks



We contracted Cambridge Landscaping to build our new front drive, I have to admit I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Kate Davis